Impressive Benefits of Renewal by Andersen®’s Low-E4® Glass

The Andersen Corporation, Renewal by Andersen® of Westchester’s parent company, has been the leading window manufacturers in the country since the turn of the 20th century. Factory-installed glass, mass window production, double glazing, and insulating Low-E glass are just a few of our innovations, which later became industry norms. Now, we’re adding a new feature to our repertoire: High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.

Andersen®’s Low-E4® Glass

The Low-E4 glass is standard on all our windows. Bearing the coveted ENERGY STAR® label, it’s perfect for all climates. Here are its benefits:

Prevents Dirt Buildup

Our windows feature a special titanium dioxide coating on the outside surface of the outer pane. When activated by sunlight, this invisible layer loosens dirt that has built up on the outside of the window through a chemical process called photocatalytic action, making it easy to wash away. In addition, this state-of-the-art coating causes rain and condensation to sheet off easily.

Minimizes Water Spotting

This special coating also increases the evaporation rate of water, which results in fewer water stains. According to an independent test, it can reduce water spotting by up to 99%, meaning you’ll spend significantly less time cleaning your new windows than you did before.

Reduces Heat Transfer

For insulation, we use an argon gas blend to minimize the transfer of heat and cold through the glass, which helps save you energy. In addition, we secure our window panes with a low-conductivity, stainless steel spacer. Our high-performance glass also reduces outdoor noise pollution, making your rooms quieter and more comfortable.

Safeguards Fabric and Furniture

Our Low-E4 glass has 11 microscopic coatings that block a considerable amount of ultraviolet radiation, while still admitting plentiful visible light. This means your upholstery and valuables will be significantly less vulnerable to solar damage.

Resists Breakage

All of our Low-E4 glass packages are incredibly tough. This is why our windows are less prone to damage during shipping and handling than other types of windows. Also, we place a protective film on our glass, which keeps it 100% spotless throughout the manufacturing and installation processes.

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