Our Environmental Commitment Part 1: Eco-Friendly Solutions

At Renewal by Andersen® of Westchester, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and make the world a healthier place one window project at a time. In today’s post, we explain the features that make our replacement windows an eco-friendly choice.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Smart Use of Energy

Since the brand’s introduction in 1995, we have installed nearly three million energy-efficient replacement units across the country. The energy use of an average household releases more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than an average vehicle. This means that improving the energy efficiency of homes is an effective way to promote sustainability.

When you invest in our replacement windows, you will enjoy significant energy savings for years. Our windows keep the temperature in your interior comfortable, relieving the burden on your HVAC system and reducing your energy bills.

Smart Use of Materials

The use of Fibrex®, our exclusive composite material, has prevented the harvesting of about 90 million board feet of lumber. We reclaim and repurpose leftover wood pieces from the Andersen facilities to create our Fibrex windows, which are made from 40% wood fiber by weight. As a result, no new trees need to be cut for our products, and our construction process minimizes waste.

Prolonged Product Life Cycles

Construction materials account for a major portion of landfill waste in America. We help slow down landfill congestion by producing replacement windows that last. Backed by strong warranties, our products comprise key components that help them stand up to harsh elements. You can expect years of comfort and maintenance savings when you invest in our windows.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Andersen Corporation, our parent company, and Renewal by Andersen are the only window organizations to earn the Scientific Certification Systems Indoor Advantage Gold™ certification. This program sets the strictest indoor air emission standard in the country, which meets California’s stringent codes. Unlike other building materials that release harmful toxins over the years, our windows will keep the air in your living space fresh and safe for many years.

Replace your old units today with eco-friendly options from Renewal by Andersen of Westchester. We serve Southern Connecticut and surrounding areas. To learn more about our solutions, call us today at (203) 429-0449. Don’t forget to check the second part of this series for the partnerships that we have created over the years.