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Energy and Environmental EfficiencyHomeowners across the nation are feeling the strain of elevated energy costs. The amount of money it takes to keep a home comfortable year ‘round is getting out of hand. Unfortunately, it does not look like the price of gas, oil, or electricity will be dramatically decreased any time soon, so it is up to homeowners to use less of each. Luckily, there are are windows CT homeowners can install to help lower their energy costs.

Renewal by Andersen® recognizes the need for more energy efficient homes and has met that need with their selection of windows and doors. Each window or door produced by Renewal by Andersen® uses insulated Fibrex™ frames and Low-E glass, both of which are designed to make the home more energy efficient.

Fibrex™ is durable, high strength, and will expand and shrink with your home as the temperature changes. The adaptive abilities of Fibrex™ keeps Renewal by Andersen® windows and doors tightly sealed, which keeps your costly energy trapped within your home.

Low-E glass is produced with special coatings that limit the penetration of both UV and IR rays. With older, less advanced glass, IR rays penetrate into your home and raise the temperature, causing fluctuations that confuse your heating and cooling systems. Those fluctuations lead to more energy use and higher energy bills. With Low-E glass, you won’t have to worry about IR rays.

While Renewal by Andersen® products help homeowners to limit their energy use and therefore their impact on the environment, the manufacturing process behind those products does even more to help sustain the environment. Unlike vinyl or wood material, Fibrex™ creates little waste and is not piling up in landfills. Excess material from one production cycle is used in the next, creating a recycling process that makes Fibrex™ the highest quality building material on the market.

To learn more about your energy usage and your impact on the environment, or to get stared on your replacement windows Connecticut, give us a call or request a quote today!

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