Fibrex™: For the Environment, For Your Home

A few years ago Renewal by Andersen® noticed a disturbing trend. Landfills across the United States were filling with vinyl, a material that was used in building because it was supposedly more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Where was all of this vinyl coming from? It was the waste from the manufacturing of vinyl building materials. The process behind creating a vinyl window or door leaves behind quite a lot of excess material. This material cannot be used again, so it is disposed of in landfills.

In order to limit their own impact on the environment, Renewal by Andersen® set out to create a material that was more sustainable than vinyl while maintaining the high strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. What they came up with was a composite of vinyl and wood grain called Fibrex™, an exclusive material for Andersen windows CT.

Fibrex™ is an extremely durable material, impervious to fire or water damage and extremely difficult to warp or crack. Its energy efficient properties are better than both vinyl and wood and is easily customizable to fit any sense of style. But while the functional benefits for homeowners are all well and good, the main reason Fibrex™ is so revolutionary is attributed to the manufacturing process.

The mixture of vinyl and wood grain material that goes into creating Fibrex™ creates very little waste. What little waste is created is recycled right into the next production process. Unlike vinyl and wood, the excess materials used to create Fibrex™ are not piling up in landfills and nor will they.

As Renewal by Andersen® of Westchester, we are proud of the Renewal by Andersen® commitment to environmentally sustainable practices, we are able to provide our neighbors with top of the line windows in Westchester and Fairfield without making a huge impact on our environment.

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